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Great Asian Railway Journey



“to successfully cover all the scenes scheduled for the day” That’s what our name mean.

back in 1994 when Gong started his career as a local fixer in Thailand. Now Gong and Dede start our company “Make the day Co.,Ltd” in 2010 we provide full production service to any kind of filming here in Thailand. with our experience, professional service with Thai smile, now let Make the Day make your day;)



Do you know that Thai Cuisine didn’t have Chilly, Spice, and fruits
such as Mango or Papaya till 1600’s when the Portuguese brought them to
Siam? Pad Thai was invented in 1938! Not long ago right? And Thai cuisine
got influence from Chinese by adopting cooking technique such as stir fry and
deep fry from Chinese during 1600’s too? We have much more interesting
info to share with you, just drop us a line ;)


Filming permission in Thailand is such a myth! But don’t
worry we make it simple for you. Even the rule keep changing weekly but
we do guarantee we will get it done in 7 business days. (Documentary)
For long form (Reality TV., TV. Series, Feature Films) Will need 3-4 Weeks
depend on content.


for shoot under 15 days, most of the countries got an exception for a visa, but shoot longer than 15 days you will need Non-Immigrant M visa.

Work Permit

Shoot under 15 days we will apply for temporary work permit
what we need are a photocopy of your passport, Immigration stamp and your
signature, We suggest you to arrive at least 1 business day before shoot day.



Logistic Idea for Filming in Thailand

If you wanted to film city life in Bangkok, Culture in Northern part and stunning beach in the South. It's good idea to start with North or South first and put Bangkok in the middle, This will help you save time traveling even Thai Airways have direct flight Chiang Mai - Phuket but 3 hours transit in Bangkok can easily make you lose a day.


Truth about Loy Kratong and Yi Peng Floating Lantern

Acording to  interview with Lecturer Thanitada Janachan from The Social Research Institute (SRI) of Chiang Mai University. Yi Peng Floating lantern is not Thai Culture and Original from China. Royal Thai Government Gazette in 1900 Announced about the ban on floating in the West Bank that the release of landslide caused damage to the homes. “The […]

Thailand Incentive Measures

Qualification: Foreign film productions which have already obtained the necessary film permit for filming in Thailand, from the Thailand Film Office. Starting Date: January 2017 Eligibility Criteria: Local spending in Thailand of more than 50 million Baht (Approx. $1.4m US), which must be spent in Thailand on Thai registered Businesses and other Thai services and […]

Thailand Filming Permission Requirement

1. Completed application form 2. Hiring letter that say that you’re hiring Make The Day Co., Ltd. as your local coordinator.