Thailand Incentive Measures

Qualification: Foreign film productions which have already obtained the necessary film permit for filming in Thailand, from the Thailand Film Office.

Starting Date: January 2017

Eligibility Criteria: Local spending in Thailand of more than 50 million Baht (Approx. $1.4m US), which must be spent in Thailand on Thai registered Businesses and other Thai services and individuals. TV commercials are NOT eligible for this incentive programme.

Incentive Measures Main Incentive:

15% – Based on above eligibility criteria Additional Incentive:

3% – Hire of Thai Key personnel

2% – Promotion of Thai Tourism

Maximum rebate available through incentive measures per project: 75 million Baht (Approx. $2.17m US)

Application Period:                               Consideration & Announcement Period

Period 1: January                                                  February to April

Period 2: May                                                        June to August

Period 3: September                                            October to December


NOTE: The consideration period for applicants will be 90 days or less during the time periods above. Announcements will then be given to the applicants once the decision has been made.

Final Assessment: All audited and other relevant documents must be submitted within 90 days of the completion of physical production (together with post production, should post production apply), to the incentive committee. A final inspection and assessment of the documents will be made.

Final Announcement: A final announcement shall be made within 90 days, after all documentation has been approved and verified by the incentive committee.


NOTE: Please note that for the 2% additional rebate for Promotion of Thai Tourism, a final release copy of the film must be shown to the incentive committee in order to establish whether the finished film fulfills this criteria. This payment shall be made separately to the main eligibility criteria.


Terms of Payment: Payment shall be made within 60 days after the final announcement.


Payment Method: Money transfer to the applicant’s foreign bank account as stated in the application.