Thailand Filming Permission Requirement

1. Completed application form

2. Hiring letter that say that you’re hiring make the day Co., Ltd. as your local coordinator.

No.1and 2 have to be signed by an authorized person on company’s Affidavit and these signatures must match the signature on his/her passport. And These documents must have the company stamp on them.

3. Company’s Affidavit – to check whether the person who is signing the agreement is an authorized person (his/her name is on there or not).  If not, then

3.1) Power of Attorney.

4. Shooting Schedule

5. Script(s) / synopsis / Storyboards / Lyrics (music video) or any information about the show.

6. Crew & Cast list with name, nationality, age, title, passport number, and passport expiration date

7. Crew & Cast’s update passport type photo (Look straight to camera) must be different from photo on passport (Can use webcam or digital camera to take this photo) – must be in focus, big and clear : print out size is 3 X 4 inches

8. Crew & Cast Passport Scan – must be big and clear enough to read every info and signature on them. Minimum resolution 200dpi, Do not take picture of your passport

We cannot submit the application until all of these requirements have been completed and delivered to us.

please e-mail to and