Truth about Loy Kratong and Yi Peng Floating Lantern

Acording to  interview with Lecturer Thanitada Janachan from The Social Research Institute (SRI) of Chiang Mai University. Yi Peng Floating lantern is not Thai Culture and Original from China.

Royal Thai Government Gazette in 1900 Announced about the ban on floating in the West Bank that the release of landslide caused damage to the homes.

The floating today is almost no original belief. No one knows what the annual relics are.The explanation for this is that it comes with the travel business. Who will be born in the unlucky to release the grief, then the hand that can not sniff. It would have been twenty years ago to actually do something and create a set of beliefs. Especially with foreigners because he has no knowledge. What information to believe it. So let’s say that the light is released to make life as bright as a lamp. As a star to decorate the sky, it goes together. For people of different cultures, they do not know whether it is true or not.

It’s a chance to solve it. I would have to publish a broad knowledge of the beliefs and traditions that may be required. Cooperation of tourist guides in the tourism business. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). And all units come in handy when using unfounded unfounded current emissions now, it’s getting harder, which creates some problems, more and more other. We should help each suspended lanterns. And finally I think that the release is to let unfounded reversal release grief. It has nothing to do with Lanna culture is “cultural invention” may look beautiful. The lanterns were delighted to see a sky full unfounded. But people have to suffer because of damage caused by the unjustified suffering much heavier.

on 3rd November 2017  – 78 flight in Chiang Mai was cencel and each year Thailand spend 120 billion baht to handle rubbish from both festival.

‘There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.’Eldridge Cleaver’


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